Addressing the dangers of drowsy driving

Posted By Kinnard, Clayton & Beveridge || Apr 30, 2014

Many Tennessee families lead busy lives. Between work and family obligations people often have their days jam packed with activity. Over time, this can cause a person to become physically worn down; however, the time demands don't cease. Being overly fatigued can cause a number of problems, including falling asleep behind the wheel of a vehicle.

When a person nods off while driving -- even for a couple of seconds -- he or she could unintentionally shift lanes. If this happens in the midst of heavy traffic, a serious accident could occur. As such, this is just one of many traffic safety issues that should be examined.

Not long ago, a group of researchers announced that they have determined a new way to detect drowsy driving. After carefully examining the behavior of 29 people who worked on a night-shift schedule, it was determined that drowsy drivers tend to have erratic steering wheel movements. By developing technology to sense this pattern of behavior, the hope is that drowsy drivers can be alerted before causing an accident.

According to one of the researchers, this new approach could be more cost effective than existing methods to detect drowsy driving. Up to this point, video-based technology had been used to detect erratic lane movements among overly tired drivers.

Of course, this kind of safety technology is more than welcome. When facing the risks of the open road, drivers may enjoy the peace of mind created by additional safeguards against accidents. With that said, it's still up to individual drivers to maintain safe driving habits.

Before the key is put in the ignition, motorists should determine whether or not they have the energy to remain alert during their trip. It’s understandable as to why people might feel fatigued, but driving is a tremendous responsibility and this story is simply another reminder of that.

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