Cookeville woman injures horse and rider in hit-and-run

Posted By Kinnard, Clayton & Beveridge || Aug 1, 2011

It is clear that anyone driving needs to pay careful attention to other motorists and people on the road, but drivers need to take extra precautions when driving in more rural areas. There could be people on tractors; livestock outside of its fencing; or, as in this case, people on horseback. A horseback rider and his horse were recently injured in a car accident in Putnam County, Tennessee.

A young man was out for a horseback ride on Long Lane Road a few weeks ago when a 26-year-old woman hit the horse with her car. Instead of stopping, the woman kept driving down Long Lane Road. Despite suffering injuries, the man was able to contact the Putnam County Sheriff's Department. An officer soon responded to the accident scene and found the man limping from the road rash on his leg. The horse was also injured in the accident.

The man described the car that hit him and told the officer that the woman kept driving down the road. The officer continued down Long Lane Road and eventually caught up with a car that fit the description the victim had given him. The car also had traces of the horse's blood and hair on it.

When the officer stopped the car, the 26-year-old's mother was driving the car. The daughter and mother eventually admitted the daughter had been driving when the car hit the horse after initially telling the officer the mother had been driving.

It is unclear exactly how the accident happened or if the driver had been distracted at the time of the accident. The woman has been charged with reckless endangerment, driving on a suspended or revoked license, and leaving the scene of an accident, so it is likely the Putnam County Sheriff's Department will continue to investigate the accident.

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