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Mobile meth lab explodes on major highway injuring one

Driving can be dangerous. Sometimes there are distracted drivers, motorists who text and drive, and drunk drivers who can all cause serious motor vehicle accidents. The Tennessean, however, has reported on a new danger to drivers-a mobile methamphetamine laboratory. One man was severely burned after his one-pot meth lab exploded while he was a passenger in a car on the Martin Luther King Parkway.

Four men had been traveling down the Martin Luther King Parkway in Clarksville, Tennessee, when one passenger's meth lab exploded. The meth producer had been mixing volatile chemicals in his one-pot lab when something triggered an explosion. It is unclear at this point what happened to cause the explosion. After the explosion, the driver tried to pull his Honda to the side of the road when he hit a concrete culvert. The impact caused the car's gas tank to explode, says a Clarksville Police spokesman.

Police and emergency responders quickly arrived on the scene as the three passengers ran from the car. Only the driver remained at the scene. Police soon captured the passengers, including the one who was burned in the two explosions. He was taken by a helicopter to Vanderbilt University Medical Center for immediate care.

Police are investigating the methamphetamine production and they expect to charge the injured passenger soon.

Luckily this accident did not cause serious injuries to others, but the director of the 19th Judicial Drug Force is concerned that the increase in one-pot meth labs could lead to more dangerous or deadly consequences. He believes that had there been more traffic or if the car was on a different highway, the driver could have easily taken out innocent cars after the first explosion.

We are taught how to avoid drunk or distracted drivers: give them distance and report dangerous driving to police. With one-pot meth labs, however, there is no real way to know what's happening in a car or if the car is in danger of exploding. The potential for serious injury or death, it seems, is increasing as Tennessee's meth production increases.


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