Hydroplane leads to three vehicle Tennessee accident

Posted By Kinnard, Clayton & Beveridge || Dec 9, 2011

While any accident can be devastating, those accidents occurring on highways in Tennessee can carry even more of a risk for very serious injuries due to the fact that drivers are often traveling a lot faster. One such highway accident highlighted this fact, as three ended up needing to be transported to Nashville-based Vanderbilt University Medical Center with injuries.

The three vehicle accident happened on Monday at approximately 3 p.m. Right before the accidents, two sisters were in one car traveling northbound on Highway 12, when the car they were in hit some water on the road. This caused the vehicle to hydroplane. The driver ended up overcorrecting, and steering right into the path of another car being driven by a 31-year-old.

However, the chain of events did not end there, and a 27-year-old who was driving a Jeep behind the 31-year-old's vehicle, ended up crashing into an embankment in order to avoid a collision. That driver did have a child in her vehicle, but the baby was properly restrained in a car seat, and did not receive any injuries.

In the end, the two sisters who originally hydroplaned, and the 31-year-old who their vehicle steered in front of, were all taken to the Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Two were released from the hospital the same night of the accident, but one of the sisters stayed admitted into the medical center.

Overall this case highlights just how quickly the ripple effect of accidents and injuries can be from just one driver losing control.

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