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Rainy day leads to at least five accidents on Tennessee roadways

When the weather gets bad and the roads get slick, some drivers think they can just continue on with their regular driving behaviors. However, the truth is that slick roads mean that it is easier to lose control of a vehicle, which means that drivers should be using extra precaution and slowing down their speeds.

On Wednesday morning, due to the rain, there were at least five motor vehicle accidents on two Tennessee interstates. Of the five accidents that involved cars and trucks, two crashes resulted in injuries.

According to Lt. John Harmon, who's a safety education officer who works for the Tennessee Highway Patrol, the issue is that traffic was backed up due to the first few accidents, and from there, more and more just kept crashing into each other. The slowed traffic basically started somewhat of a chain reaction.

Going forward, even though statewide motor vehicle accident fatalities appear to be down from 2010, Harmon said that it's important for drivers to remember that when it is raining and the roads are wet, that even if the speed limit says it's 60 mph, drivers need to be going slower.

Harmon also added that technically, if the roads are bad, and drivers are going the posted limit -- but that seems too fast for the current road conditions -- drivers can still be pulled over by officers for speeding.

In addition to making sure to drive appropriately for the weather and road conditions, drivers are also urged to always wear a seatbelt, and to not drink and drive. Drivers are also discouraged from texting while driving, as this distraction could easily lead to a crash.


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