Car wrecks, trucking accidents, abandoned cars create major delays

Posted By Kinnard, Clayton & Beveridge || Feb 10, 2011

Nashville Metro Police responded to more than 100 car and truck accidents in the immediate aftermath of Wednesday's snowfall, which has resulted in abandoned cars littering the city's main thoroughfares. Currently, Metro Police are only responding to accidents with injuries, and abandoned cars will only be towed if they are causing a hazard or blocking the right of way.

Three abandoned cars were towed after being involved in hit-and-run car accidents, and at least 19 others had been towed for causing a hazard as of the Tennessean's latest report Thursday at 12:30.

TDOT reports that both the weather conditions and the gridlock are slowing things down for snowplows and salt trucks across Davidson County.

"When everyone is sitting in traffic, so are our trucks,'' said TDOT department spokeswoman B.J. Doughty. "When trucks are trying to navigate through traffic, it's a slow go." The average commuter was traveling about one mile per hour for most of Wednesday night and Thursday morning.

In one example of the chaos, part of I-24 was closed on and off on Wednesday night and Thursday morning after a major trucking accident. Apparently, three tractor-trailers jackknifed between Bell Road and Briley Parkway because of a snow-covered incline on I-24.

No information is available yet as to the total number of car and truck accidents with injuries. Metro Police urged drivers to stay off the roads if possible. Please drive safely.

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