Boating Safety - Fourth of July Weekend

Posted By Kinnard, Clayton & Beveridge || Jul 2, 2011

As we enter the Holiday 4th of July Weekend, it is a good time to be reminded of boating safety. Just as drunk driving can cause serious injury or wrongful death, so can operating a boat under the influence of alcohol. Driving a boat while impaired is illegal and dangerous. Please don't do it. Plan ahead.

  • Designate a boat driver who is not drinking.
  • Be aware of your circumstances and others around you.
  • Be safe. Think.
  • Wear a life jacket

For an excellent article on Boating Safety, read the following:

also visit:

As the referenced article states, Tennessee waters are some of the safest places around to enjoy our abundant fishing and boating opportunities. This is made possible by the continuing efforts of wildlife officers and other police departments with marine patrol divisions to ensure safety rules are being followed.

It is also in part due to the great emphasis TWRA places on boating education. Whether it be our "Wear it Tennessee" program to promote life-jacket wearing or our mandatory boater-education classes, Tennessee continues to be a frontrunner among all states in boating safety.

Boating safety. Help prevent serious injury or wrongful death from drunk driving related accidents - including driving a boat while drunk. Practice it all the time, but especially this holiday weekend.

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