Head-on collision involving stolen SUV leaves two critically injured in Madison

Posted By Kinnard, Clayton & Beveridge || Jun 30, 2011

An employee of the Nashville Fire Department was the victim of a shocking car accident Thursday morning in the Madison neighborhood of northeast Nashville. The near-head-on collision that occurred just before 11:00 a.m. Thursday left two people critically injured, and it appears that the other driver was not only driving on a revoked license but also had stolen the SUV he was driving.

According to Nashville Metro Police who responded to the wreck, which occurred at the intersection of Myatt Drive and Roosevelt Avenue, just north of Old Hickory Boulevard, the Fire Department employee was driving a white Ford pickup truck which was pulling a trailer. When the Ford was heading northbound through the intersection at Myatt Drive, the driver of a stolen Mercury Mountaineer SUV blew through the stop sign and T-boned the pickup truck.

Photos of the car accident scene that were posted on the WKRN-TV 2 website show both vehicles heavily damaged, with one of the two white trucks wrapped around a power line pole by the force of the collision. The stop sign -- which the driver of the stolen SUV had run -- was pulled up from the ground by the crash and can be seen lying some 20-30 feet from the scene.

Both drivers were taken to area hospitals. No further information was provided about their conditions.

Police say that the SUV had been reported stolen from a nearby location, and that the person driving it had an existing driver's license revocation.

As always, our hearts go out to the innocent victim whose life has been seriously interrupted by events they could not control. Although our own actions on the road cannot always prevent car accidents due to another driver's foolish or reckless behavior, we can all contribute to safer roads by practicing safe driving ourselves.

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