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Tort Reform Bill Signed, Lawyers "Disappointed"

Haslam's signature is making waves in the legal world. Former President of Tennessee's Association For Justice uses the word disappointed to describe his feelings on the law, which also completely wipes out the jury. "They have stepped into the jury box and taken away the vote of the jurors, and I don't think Tennesseans like that," said Randy Kannard. "No matter how bad they were, no matter how negligent they were, there's only a certain sum they're going to have to pay."

This bill hurts those who have been hurt the worst. If a reckless trucking company rams into a car and causes death or loss of a leg or arm, the bill would limit the amount of non economic recovery to 750,000. "The thing that most people don't realize," said Randy Kinnard, "is that the very fact that there is a cap is kept secret from the jury."

The jury could spend several days before deciding to award several million dollars for non economic damages - and would likely NEVER be told that the time they spent was wasted because the Government has passed this bill already deciding that the jury can't award more than 750,000.

This is a sad day in Tennessee. People who call themselves conservatives have taken away a fundamental constitutional right given to us by the Tennessee Constitution. People who call themselves conservative have opted for bigger and more involved government instead of trusting our citizens to decide what is best. People who call themselves conservative and decided to protect the powerful insurance companies and out of state trucking corporations by limiting their responsibility when those companies cause a catastrophic injuries to Tennessee folks.


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