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Teenage joking gets out of hand, leads to Tennessee car accident

The problem of distracted driving extends beyond using a cellphone in the car -- there are many things that can keep a driver from paying attention to the road, both in and out of his or her control. Whether it is eating or playing with the radio, distracted driving can have dangerous outcomes for drivers, passengers and other motorists. A recent car wreck in Tennessee has left three teenagers and one 11-year-old injured because, according to reports, one passenger distracted the driver.

The accident happened on the U.S. 41A Bypass and Ashland City Road in southern Tennessee after one of a 16-year-old driver's passengers prevented him from safely driving. The 16 year old had been driving with his 11-year-old brother and several other passengers when a back-seat passenger, according to reports, allegedly disrupted his ability to drive. The driver soon lost control of his 1995 Jeep Wrangler and drove off the road.

The Jeep stopped after it smashed into a telephone pole, trapping several of the children inside. Emergency medical responders were forced to extricate several of the passengers from the car before they could airlift three people to Nashville hospitals.

The seriously injured include the driver and a 17-year-old passenger who may have broken bones and internal injuries. They were two of the three passengers treated in Nashville hospitals. A 14-year-old girl was listed in stable and critical condition after waiting two hours for emergency responders to free her. She also is believed to have broken bones and internal injuries.

The driver's brother was luckily treated for his minor injuries and quickly released.

It is undeniable that motorists need to drive very carefully and that joking around in the car can cause serious injuries or even death. If this car had been on a busier street or a residential neighborhood, the driver could easily have collided with other motorists or driven into a house or yard.


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