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Another Tennessee school bus hit by careless driver

As we have previously written about, accidents involving school busses can be dangerous. If a school bus collides with another vehicle, it can cause significant damage. At the same time, when a car or van runs into a bus full of children, there is a risk that the bus driver or children onboard may be seriously injured or even die. A recent bus accident sent five students to the Middle Tennessee Medical Center after sustaining injuries in the accident.

It seems that a group of 50 students were on their way to the Whitworth-Buchanan Middle School and riding on a Rutherford County Schools' bus at approximately 7: 10 a.m. when the accident happened. The bus was on Old Woodbury Highway when the driver started to turn left. A witness noted that the driver of a minivan recklessly tried to drive around the witness' vehicle and crashed into the left-turning bus.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol says that the bus driver had clearly used his turn signal as he approached Countryside Road, causing the witness to stop his vehicle. It is unclear if the minivan driver saw the signal or if he thought he would be able to avoid crashing into the bus.

After the accident, five students were taken to Middle Tennessee Medical Center with headaches and other injuries. Luckily, no one was fatally injured and all of the students were released from the hospital the same day, but this accident could have been much worse. Had the driver been traveling faster, it is possible that the students may have been more seriously injured.

Like any accident caused by reckless or careless driving, the driver responsible for the accident should be held responsible for any and all damage he or she has caused. If you, or someone you know is injured in an accident, speaking with a dedicated motor vehicle accident attorney can help to ensure that your legal rights will be well protected.

For more stories on bus accidents in Tennessee, please read about this tragic bus accident in Rutherford County or this story about the damage a Murfreesboro bus driver caused when she backed into a car.


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