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Motorist rear ends, injures Tennessee Highway Patrol trooper

We have all thought about what would happen if we are rear ended by a careless driver. What if the other driver is traveling at highway speeds? What if he or she is so distracted that he or she doesn't notice you are stopped until it is too late to even apply the brakes? What happens if you and your car are trapped between the car that smashed into yours and the car in front of you? All of these questions must have flashed through a Tennessee Highway Patrol trooper's mind as a reckless driver slammed into the back of his stopped patrol car.

The trooper was taken to nearby Mercy North. When WBIR 10 originally picked up the story, no one knew the extent of the trooper's injuries. Fortunately, the trooper's injuries were not life-threatening and he was treated and released. It is unknown if there will be long-term effects from the injuries or if the trooper will need to seek further medical attention.

The accident happened in Maynardville in Union County as the officer sat behind a pickup truck attempting to turn off Highway 33. As the trooper waited, another pickup truck approached from behind, slamming into the patrol car. It is unclear at what speed the second truck was traveling, but the force of the impact was enough to push the patrol car underneath the pickup truck in front of the trooper.

Neither the driver nor the passenger in the first pickup truck were injured in the three-car accident. The driver who apparently caused the accident also walked away unscathed, but he was arrested on vehicular assault charges. He has also been charged with failure to exercise due care.

This story reminds us that even when you are clearly parked or stopped, some drivers won't notice until it is too late. While it may be impossible to avoid an accident, you are not without legal recourse. An attorney can explain what your options are after a rear-end collision and what you need to do to cover any medical or property costs associated with the accident.


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