Off-duty deputy crashes into La Follette home, injures one

Posted By Kinnard, Clayton & Beveridge || Sep 14, 2011

We expect that our homes will serve as a place of refuge. When we are at home, we are safe, comfortable and protected from many of the dangers of the world. When a freak accident happens in our homes, however, it is reasonable to expect the person responsible for the accident will be held accountable. Unfortunately for a La Follette, Tennessee, family, it seems an off-duty sheriff's deputy brought the dangers of drunk driving into their home.

The Campbell County Sheriff's Department recently fired one of its deputies after he crashed into the front of a house, breaking the collar bone of one of the residents. The deputy was not working at the time of the accident and had been driving his truck west on Imperial Heights Drive near Highway 63. The Tennessee Highway Patrol continues to investigate, and its preliminary report does not indicate why the deputy ran off the road.

After the initial impact, the truck continued forward and stopped approximately twelve feet into the house. WBIR 10 reports that one of the residents had been asleep on a couch when the truck came careening into her home. The truck hit her and she was taken to Saint Mary's of Campbell County. While the woman's collar bone was fractured, she luckily did not suffer any life-threatening injuries.

The initial investigation indicates that the deputy was intoxicated at the time of the accident. It is unclear, however, how much alcohol the deputy had consumed. Regardless, the deputy should have known the dangerous risks associated with drinking and driving and taken more precautions before allegedly driving while intoxicated.

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