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Repeat concussions in children can lead to serious injuries

Kids play and often times they play hard. And while of course there is absolutely nothing wrong with this, it is important for parents to be able to recognize the sign of head injuries, as well as know how to try and prevent serious children's injuries from occurring in the first place.

The first thing to keep in mind is that concussions are serious. And while a child may not blackout or lose consciousness, concussions -- especially ones repeated over time -- can lead to serious permanent problems that can follow a child into adulthood.

When it comes to concussions, signs to be on the lookout for include the child being disoriented, complaining of a headache, issues with vision and a child feeling nauseous or vomiting.

Keep in mind though that what can sometimes seem like a concussion, can actually be an even more serious head injury, which is why it's important to always seek out medical attention in order to rule out things like skull fractures and brain bleeding.

Head injuries among children also occur for a number of reasons, including bicycle crashes, falls off of jungle gyms and taking hard hits to the head in gym classes. However, sports-related head injuries among children are also quite common, which is why it's important to make sure children are closely monitored while playing.

If a child does end up with a concussion from playing a sport, like football or soccer, the child should be sidelined until fully healed. If not, he or she runs the risk of another head injury on top of the concussion, which can lead to even more serious injuries.

Lastly, if a child is repeatedly getting injured while playing sports, as a parent it is a good time to speak up and start asking questions to coaches and those adults in charge in order to figure out what keeps happening and how these head injuries can be prevented in the future.


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