Children's brain injuries can affect their long-term development

Posted By Kinnard, Clayton & Beveridge || Jun 21, 2012

Motor vehicle accidents, birth injuries and defective products can all lead to serious injuries for children. Sometimes, these injuries can affect the child's brain and lead to long term complications that require ongoing medical care. However, even though there is a higher survival rate now for children who suffer from a brain injury, knowing exactly how that injury will affect a child later on in life is still unpredictable.

Recently, medical research from 1966 until present was compiled and analyzed. From there, researchers claimed that when it comes to brain injury recovery in children, it is very complex and varies widely from case to case.

Additionally, while some once believed that a developing brain is more resilient, when it comes to brain injuries, the long-term effects can still be quite severe. In fact, the researchers claim that suffering from a brain injury earlier in life can end up affecting the child's overall development in life.

When comparing traumatic brain injuries and oxygen deprivation injuries, researchers also found that when it comes to oxygen deprivation injuries, these children run the risk of psychological issues going unnoticed. This is because when motor skills start to re-emerge or develop after an accident, these skills can end up masking other complications.

Understandably so, a child suffering from any kind of brain injury is something any parent does not wish to happen. However, if a parent finds themselves in these types of situations, it's important to ask questions to a doctor, but to also question whether these injuries could have been prevented and if someone else should be held accountable.

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