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NTSB recommends wireless safety technology for all vehicles

Fatal accidents happen every year at intersections in Tennessee. In response to fatal intersection accidents across the U.S., the National Transportation Safety Board recently made the recommendation for all new vehicles to be installed with technology that would allow cars and trucks to be able to "talk" with one another.

By "talking" with one another, this means all new vehicles would be equipped with technology that would allow for vehicles to communicate over wireless networks. This would mean cars and trucks would be constantly updating their location, direction and speed. These factors would be analyzed by a vehicle's computer, which could alert a driver to a potential upcoming danger.

The thought behind this recommendation is that if vehicles could communicate with each other, some fatal accidents could be avoided.

For example, let's say a driver was approaching an intersection but could not see that another vehicle was speeding toward the same intersection. Maybe it did not seem like the speeding car was going to stop on time and was rapidly getting closer and closer. In this case, the thought is the system could alert the approaching driver to the speeding car. The driver could then stop and avoid an intersection accident.

Over the past year the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has been testing this type of technology. However, at least one auto industry official said more testing should still be conducted before this technology becomes standard.

Of course though, it should also be noted that while safety technology such as wireless communication between vehicles may end up reducing fatal intersection accidents, nothing is 100 percent. This means that while communication may help, drivers still need to take a great deal of personal responsibility when behind the wheel.


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