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  • An up-to-date medication lists better protect patients

    Posted By Kinnard, Clayton & Beveridge || Dec 28, 2013

    It is not uncommon to be taking multiple prescription medications at once. Some of these prescriptions may be taken to treat an illness and are intended to only be taken for a short period of time, while others are meant to be taken on a continuous basis for years to come. Either way though, whether it is an antibiotic to treat strep throat or a blood pressure medication, it is important for ...
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  • Holiday stress can lead to more aggressive driving

    Posted By Kinnard, Clayton & Beveridge || Dec 26, 2013

    Tennessee drivers who got into car accidents in the last several weeks should know they are not alone. In fact, going by statistics, the stress of the holidays results in many people driving more aggressively than usual, and in turn, more accidents occur. According to State Farm Insurance, there is a spike in aggression around the holidays. In fact, 32 percent of drivers are more likely to get ...
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  • Safety administration creates plan to prevent senior accidents

    Posted By Kinnard, Clayton & Beveridge || Dec 22, 2013

    While older Americans -- those described as being age 65 and older -- are historically some of the safest drivers, with more of these drivers on the road, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has announced plans to improve safety among these older drivers. This is in response to not only the fact that more older drivers are on the roadways, but that there was a significant increase ...
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  • Routine tonsillectomy leaves girl, 13, brain dead

    Posted By Kinnard, Clayton & Beveridge || Dec 20, 2013

    Many children in Nashville undergo tonsillectomies - the removal of tonsils - each year. The tonsillectomy is actually the third most common surgery that is performed on American children. As the surgery is very routine, complications are quite rare. In some cases, however, complications or surgical errors do occur during tonsillectomies. A very tragic case involving a 13-year-old girl is making ...
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  • Holiday decorating accidents send thousands to the ER each year

    Posted By Kinnard, Clayton & Beveridge || Dec 14, 2013

    Many Tennessee residents go all out when it comes to holiday decorations. Whether it is having the perfect tree, or the most lights on the house, for many, decorating is a huge part of the holiday season and one they look forward to each year. However, this delight may be short-lived, especially when a decorating accident leads to a hospital trip. According to the Consumer Product Safety ...
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  • Sudden acceleration lawsuits move to settlement negotiations

    Posted By Kinnard, Clayton & Beveridge || Dec 13, 2013

    Nashville residents may be aware that Toyota Motor Corp. is entering negotiations to settle hundreds of lawsuits related to sudden acceleration. The shift from defending itself against claims that defective vehicles have caused accidents by accelerating unintentionally comes after the company lost a significant jury trial. In October, the automaker was assessed a $3 million verdict after a jury ...
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  • Study finds increase in high chair-related accidents

    Posted By Kinnard, Clayton & Beveridge || Dec 12, 2013

    An alarming number of children end up falling out of high chairs every year in the U.S. Given the fact that a toddler's center of gravity is different than an adult's, these children tend to more topple out of these chairs, which results in injuries to the face and head. Given the nature of these types of injuries, Tennessee parents will want to take heed when it comes to trying to prevent these ...
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  • Tennessee legislation takes step to curb drunk driving

    Posted By Kinnard, Clayton & Beveridge || Dec 6, 2013

    With Thanksgiving behind us, we are officially in the holiday season. For many Tennessee residents, while this is a time to spend with family, this is also a time many imbibe in one too many adult beverages. And while there is nothing inherently wrong with a legal-aged adult having some drinks, the problems arise when those drinking decide to get behind the wheel. Mothers Against Drunk Driving , ...
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  • Complications can quickly arise with uninsured driver accidents

    Posted By Kinnard, Clayton & Beveridge || Dec 5, 2013

    While it is Tennessee state law that all drivers must carry bodily injury liability and property damage liability insurance, there are drivers who choose not to have insurance on their vehicles. And, while these drivers could end up getting caught and fined, the real issue is for others who end up in accidents with these uninsured drivers. According to the Insurance Research Council, 14 percent of ...
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