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  • Brain surgery to reduce swelling carries serious consequences

    Posted By Kinnard, Clayton & Beveridge || Jul 26, 2013

    Every year thousands of people suffer from brain injuries in the U.S. Some of those people are living here in Tennessee. These brain injuries are caused from any number of things, including medical conditions and complications, car accidents and other incidents where there is a hard hit to the head. With brain injuries, modern medicine has come a long way. However, just as it has come a long way, ...
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  • Televisions injure thousands of children every year

    Posted By Kinnard, Clayton & Beveridge || Jul 24, 2013

    Many Tennessee parents may not even realize it, but there are thousands of children every year who are seriously injured by television sets. With many families having more than one TV in their home, the overall number of children injured by television sets is also on the rise. These injuries are typically caused by children colliding with TVs and TVs toppling over on top of children. According to ...
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  • Failed child safety lock feature leads to Ford recall

    Posted By Kinnard, Clayton & Beveridge || Jul 20, 2013

    When it comes to car safety, many Nashville, Tennessee, residents no doubt rely on the safety features that come with their vehicles, such as air bags, seat belts and child safety locks on doors. The thought is these safety features are there to protect drivers and passengers and would work every time. Over the years though, this thought has been disproven time and time again by accidents, ...
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  • Fatal accidents among teens more likely in July

    Posted By Kinnard, Clayton & Beveridge || Jul 18, 2013

    A new study has found out that July is the deadliest month in terms of car accidents. And while this statistic applies to all drivers, said teens are especially at risk over the summer months. To try and combat this, Tennessee parents are encouraged to set rules and expectations for driving privileges., which is an online preparation site for teen drivers and ...
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  • Supplements and herbal products not FDA regulated

    Posted By Kinnard, Clayton & Beveridge || Jul 12, 2013

    In the U.S., supplements and herbal products are not the same as prescription drugs and are therefore not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. For consumers in Tennessee, this means dangerous and potentially life-threatening products can be on the shelves. Take for example the recent news that the diet supplement Fat Loss Zero contains a dangerous drug. According to an FDA warning, even ...
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  • Collapsible hampers pose eye injury risk to children

    Posted By Kinnard, Clayton & Beveridge || Jul 10, 2013

    There are plenty of products that may seem safe, but that are actually extremely dangerous to children. Just the simple handling of some of these products can lead to serious children's injuries and life-long disabilities. Take for example the recent report warning of the dangers associated with collapsible laundry hampers. This report followed two separate cases involving children who received ...
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  • Tennessee drivers need to beware of unfixed auto recalls

    Posted By Kinnard, Clayton & Beveridge || Jul 6, 2013

    It is a scary thing to even think about, but there are probably plenty of Tennessee drivers who are driving cars with unfixed recalls. These recalls can range from everything between an airbag not working to sudden acceleration problems. In some cases, these issues will not be noticed until it is too late and there is an accident. Chris Basso, of Carfax, said last year there were 659 recalls. ...
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  • Study: Speeding an increasing factor in teen driving fatalities

    Posted By Kinnard, Clayton & Beveridge || Jul 4, 2013

    Over the past several years much attention has been given to the dangers associated with distracted driving among teenagers. And while distracted driving can certainly lead to fatal accidents , there is concern that attention given to preventing distracted driving is overshadowing the dangers associated with speeding. According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, the role of speeding in ...
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  • Tennessee officials plan DUI crackdown for holiday weekend

    Posted By Kinnard, Clayton & Beveridge || Jul 3, 2013

    Tomorrow is Independence Day, which for many people is a reason to go out and party. For some, Wednesday night will even be the official kickoff to a four day weekend. Considering the fact that the Fourth of July is typically a big drinking holiday, police in Tennessee are planning on being out in full force to try and get drunk drivers off of the roadways before they hurt themselves or someone ...
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