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Tuna fish recalled due to possibly contamination

When it comes to product safety, especially surrounding food products, it is important for all safety protocols to be in proper working order. This will help to ensure against food contamination, which can result in people becoming very ill -- and in some cases -- even dying.

This is why Bumble Foods is telling all consumers to throw out 5-ounce cans of chunk white albacore and light tuna. These possibly contaminated products were sold across the country between Jan. 17 and Feb. 28 and have best buy dates ranging from Jan. 16, 2016 to Jan. 18, 2016.

According to the company, this recall is due to the fact that some cans of the fish products may have not been properly sealed. This may end up resulting in the tuna getting contaminated or spoilage setting in. Those who eat these recalled tuna products may end up getting very ill.

Chicken of the Sea also released an almost identical recall concerning its 5-ounce cans of albacore tuna. With the Chicken of the Sea product, the tuna was sold across the country in retail stores between Feb. 4 and Feb. 27. The best buy dates on these cans is Jan. 18, 2017.

In looking at this recall, while no illness are yet to be reported, the fact that somehow the seal is not right on these cans goes to show that, even with food products, there can be issues that put consumers at direct risk of illness. And, considering the fact that Bumble Bee tuna and Chicken of the Sea are popular brands, the recalls reinforce the fact even the most well-known manufacturers can accidentally put out unsafe products.

In this case, while the issue is related to a food product, Tennessee residents should also keep in mind that people are injured all throughout the country due to dangerous and defective products. These products can include everything from children's toys to auto parts.


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