Toyota issues recall on four popular vehicles in U.S.

Posted By Kinnard, Clayton & Beveridge || Feb 19, 2014

Last week, we reported a major automobile recall in the United States by General Motors. This week, there is another recall of defective motor vehicles to report, this time made by Toyota.

Toyota Motor Corp. announced that it is issuing a world-wide recall of its Prius hybrids in order to fix a software defect that can cause the vehicles to stall. The recall involves hybrid models manufactured in years 2010 through 2014.

Toyota reported that the faulty software could cause the vehicle to suddenly stop running in rare occurrences, but the main problem is that it could generate heat and lead to damage to parts.

Owners of the recalled vehicles are asked to bring them in to dealers to have the software updated, which will reportedly fix the problem.

At this point, Toyota claims that it doesn’t know of any car accidents that have been caused by the software defect. However, accidents are certainly possible if the defect causes a vehicle to stall suddenly.

In addition to the Prius hybrid recall, Toyota also announced that it is recalling about 260,000 RAV4 SUVs, Tacoma trucks and Lexus RX350 SUVs that were sold in the United States. This recall is also to address a software update, the company said.

It appears that Toyota is attempting to improve its attention to recalls after coming under fire for its slow reaction to address a sudden acceleration problem in 2009 that lead to car accidents all over the United States.

The Japanese automaker is currently negotiating a settlement in a criminal case stemming from the sudden acceleration problem, which could include a fine as high as $1 billion.

Additionally, the company has faced a myriad of civil personal injury suits stemming from that defect.

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