Alcohol providers may also be liable in drunk driving accidents

Posted By Kinnard, Clayton & Beveridge || Mar 5, 2014

Although most everybody knows that drunk driving is illegal, the unfortunate reality is that thousands of motorists get behind the wheel when they're over the legal limit. Furthermore, alcohol impairment is a frequent cause of accidents on Tennessee roads.

In drunk driving accident cases, much of the attention and responsibility is shifted to the at-fault drivers, which makes sense. After all, individuals are ultimately the ones who make the decision to drive under the influence of alcohol. At the same time, it may be important to ask: Did anyone else contribute to this crash?

Beyond pointing to the drunk drivers, Tennessee personal injury law includes dram shop liability. On a very basic level, this law expands responsibility to the party (or parties) who supplied alcohol to the at-fault driver. Under this law, bars and restaurants can be held accountable for over-serving customers. Not only that, liquor stores could be counted as liable for selling alcohol to underage drivers who cause car accidents.

Dram shop liability allows accident victims and their loved ones to seek compensation from all of the parties responsible for an accident. Without knowledge of the intricacies of personal injury laws, accident victims may not even know that they could have the ability to recover damages from more than one party.

Of course, in order for a liquor liability claim to be successful, evidence must be assembled to demonstrate that negligence contributed to a person being served too much alcohol and trying to drive away. By launching a comprehensive investigation into a drunk driving crash, these critical details could become clearer.

To find out more about drunk driving accidents, please visit our firm's dram shop liability page.

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