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Pain can persist -- even intensify -- months after a car accident

Immediately after a truck accident, tending to medical needs should obviously be a top priority. Drivers and their passengers may be checked out by emergency medical technicians and potentially undergo further evaluation and treatment at a hospital. Of course, some medical conditions might obviously need attention. At the same time, however, other cases might not be so clear cut.

According to a recent study emerging from the University of North Carolina, nearly 10 percent of people who present with pain immediately after a motor vehicle accident suffer from persistent pain. In other words, their pain continuities or becomes worse six weeks after the accident, rather than minimizing as it should.

The head researcher associated with this study went on to say that people who experience widespread pain after an accident should receive treatment right away. By taking this proactive approach, the hope is that long-term pain can be avoided. Given that pain subsides over time in 90 percent of accident cases, however, it may be difficult to identify the cases that should be targeted.

Truck accidents are typically very violent in nature. As such, it isn’t difficult to see how pain could manifest into a long-term medical condition. Ongoing medical treatment could become costly, which is one reason why it may be helpful for accident victims to pursue compensation.

The at-fault driver's insurer might be willing to offer a settlement. However, the amount offered might not be adequate cover long-term pain. Not only that, but it may be difficult to convince the insurer about the need for additional coverage to get a handle on long-term pain.

Insurance companies are looking to settle for as little as possible. The goal of insurers is to maintain a bottom line, rather than looking for the well being of accident victims. Given the complicated nature of working with insurance companies -- not to mention the issues associated with a complex medical condition -- seeking trustworthy assistance might be in line. Accident victims should have confidence that they truly have the necessary resources available to them or their loved ones, rather than being stampeded into an inadequate settlement.


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