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  • Happy Holidays from Kinnard Clayton & Beveridge

    Posted By Kinnard, Clayton & Beveridge || Dec 28, 2015

    How the time has come and gone, we do not know. It seems like yesterday that stores were putting out holiday decorations and now it is almost the New Year. Everyone here at Kinnard Clayton & Beveridge would like to wish you a very happy holiday and a brighter new year. We would also like to take this moment to thank you, clients of past, present, and future. We understand the struggles and ...
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  • Southwest Plane Crash at Nashville International Airport Investigated

    Posted By Kinnard, Clayton & Beveridge || Dec 17, 2015

    The Federal Aviation Administration is continuing its investigation of the Southwest plane that skid off the taxiway at Nashville International Airport on Tuesday. Authorities still aren’t sure what caused a Southwest plane to skid off the taxiway at Nashville International Airport two days ago, injuring nine passengers. The plane was carrying 133 passengers and five crewmembers from Houston Hobby ...
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  • Dangers of Paramedic Intubation Errors

    Posted By Kinnard, Clayton & Beveridge || Dec 14, 2015

    When someone suffers a traumatic injury, the first people on the scene are usually emergency medical technicians. They embody a light of hope in a dangerous and hopeful situation. However, in cases of high risk, it is important that these technicians proceed with care and precision. This can be hard to do in the hectic environment in which they work. These intense circumstances can cause the ...
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  • GM liable for punitive damages in ignition switch suits

    Posted By Kinnard, Clayton & Beveridge || Nov 23, 2015

    Some individuals in Tennessee may have heard about lawsuits against General Motors regarding faulty ignition switches. The company admitted it knew its ignition switches were faulty for about ten years despite waiting until February 2014 to recall the cars. At least 169 people have been killed in crashes related to the switches, and many others were injured. In 2009, General Motors filed for ...
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  • Car safety experts look to technology to reduce fatalities

    Posted By Kinnard, Clayton & Beveridge || Nov 17, 2015

    Every day, the greatest risk to safety encountered by people in Tennessee is traveling by motor vehicle. According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statistics, drivers and passengers on the roadways face a risk of death 300 times greater than people in commercial airplanes. Historically, advances in safety technology, like seat belts, have saved lives. Seat belts and other ...
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