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  • Suit filed against Tennessee care facility

    Posted By Kinnard, Clayton & Beveridge || Jan 27, 2015

    The daughter of a man who died in a long-term care facility in Tennessee has filed a wrongful death suit against the corporation and some of its staff. The woman asserts that physicians and employees at the Life Care Center of America facility, where her father resided, committed medical battery on the man and were negligent in his care. The daughter was designated by the patient as his Tennessee ...
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  • Statistics about alcohol-impaired driving accidents

    Posted By Kinnard, Clayton & Beveridge || Jan 19, 2015

    Nearly 30 people die every day in alcohol-impaired driving accidents, which is one fatality every 51 minutes, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Across the country, 10,322 people died in alcohol-impaired driving crashes in 2012, and 348 of these traffic fatalities occurred in Tennessee. The number of alcohol-impaired driving crash deaths in 2012 accounted for 31 ...
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  • Whiplash as it pertains to traffic accidents

    Posted By Kinnard, Clayton & Beveridge || Jan 14, 2015

    Tennessee residents may be wondering how common it is to receive a whiplash injury after a car accident. The American Association of Chiropractors has listed rear-end vehicle collisions as one of the most common causes of whiplash, which is also referred to as a hyper-extension injury. Any time the neck is suddenly impacted, causing a rapid back and forth movement, it is probable that ...
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  • Large trucks and fatal accidents

    Posted By Kinnard, Clayton & Beveridge || Jan 6, 2015

    Of the 1,379 vehicles involved in fatal accidents in Tennessee during 2012, 107 were large trucks. This figure represents nearly 3 percent of large trucks involved in such incidents throughout the nation during that year. While Tennessee's numbers aren't the highest, this data does indicate that there is certainly room to improve the state's safety strategies to obtain reduced accident numbers. ...
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