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Reducing alert fatigue in Tennessee medical professionals

As the health care industry adopts an increasing number of electronic systems, practitioners may suffer from something called alert fatigue. This could cause a medical professional to ignore an alert regarding a severe allergy a patient may have or a potentially dangerous drug interaction. However, a new product called AlertSpace could reduce the chance of a medical professional receiving an alert that may not be meaningful.

Those who create the alerts may be able to reduce alert fatigue by asking themselves a few questions when making an alert system. Some of those questions include determining whether or not the alert is necessary or just extra information that doesn't serve a purpose. Furthermore, the alert should be something that will be acted on each time it is viewed.

If it isn't possible to take action based on a given alert, it may be overridden because it doesn't say anything meaningful to the person who sees it. According to a hospital IT professional at Hospital Sisters Health System, up to 96 percent of alerts may be overridden. By reducing the number of alerts, the percentage of alerts that are overridden decreases to as low as 83 percent.

Anyone who has been injured by a physician error or an error committed by any other medical professional may wish to talk to a medical malpractice attorney. Doing so may help an injury victim determine whether there is a way to obtain compensation for medical bills and lost wages. Victims may be able to take legal action against both the medical professional who caused the error as well as the facility where the error occurred. In some cases, a case brought against a hospital or medical professional by a patient may be settled outside of court.


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