Truck accident on I-75 claims 6 lives

Posted By Kinnard, Clayton & Beveridge || Jun 29, 2015

While it is possible that injuries could be the end result of any type of motor vehicle accident, when a tractor-trailer strikes another vehicle the outcome is often catastrophic. While some people end up with traumatic brain injuries or spinal injuries that change their lives forever, for others, the injuries are so severe that they lead to death. A truck accident that recently occurred in Tennessee illustrates just how devastating this type of crash can be.

The tragic incident occurred on Interstate 75. According to law enforcement, the crash occurred when a semi-truck failed to stop in a construction zone. As a result it hit eight other vehicles that were stopped. According to one eyewitness, the crash site looked like "a war zone." He said he saw cars spin out and a fire following the collision.

Police officers indicate that more than 15 people were involved in the crash. Sadly, six of those individuals-some of whom were children-died. Six others suffered injuries described as non-life-threatening.

There are multiple reasons why a crash involving a truck might occur. As is the case in other types of motor vehicle accidents, negligence on the part of the driver may be to blame. When this is the case it is possible that those who were injured, or the loved ones of those who were killed, could decide to take legal action. While a case of this nature cannot undo the harm that is inflicted in a serious truck accident, any compensation recovered in a successful case could make it easier for the injured and those left behind to move forward with life.

It is currently unclear what role the truck driver's actions played in this cases. Investigations being conducted by both local law enforcement as well as National Transportation Safety Board should shed light on the matter. If those affected by this crash decide to take legal action the first step in this process is to contact a personal injury lawyer who understands how these cases work.

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