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Fatality accident on Tennessee's Highway 14

A five-car accident occurred on a section of Highway 14 on Nov. 6. The incident occurred north of Highway 385 at approximately 4:30 p.m. and resulted in two deaths. Four other individuals were injured in the accident, and three additional parties escaped the wreck without injury.

Authorities indicate that the catalyst for the fatal collision was a pickup truck traveling south on Highway 14. The driver of the truck sideswiped a vehicle after crossing the double line. This man is now reportedly charged in connection with the accident. The decedents in the incident were both women. Details were not immediately provided about the other individuals and vehicles involved. However, the wreckage and following investigation resulted in the closure of Highway 14 in both directions.

A wrong-way accident can occur for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common situations can include driver distraction or intoxication. A late-night wrong-way accident might be attributed to driver fatigue. Issues such as smartphone use have become some of the most serious concerns on the road today, and while Tennessee does prohibit texting for all drivers, cellphone use is only prohibited for new drivers.

A deadly accident is typically investigated to identify the causes and any areas of responsibility on the part of those involved. Charges might be filed against a driver who has been involved in prohibited activity at the time of a wreck. Further charges could follow as an investigation reveals additional details about a wreck.

An individual who has been injured in a wrong-way accident could face minor injuries or life-altering medical problems. Although motor vehicle coverage often provides some compensation for property losses and medical costs, this could fall short of the needs, especially if an injured party suffers long-term physical complications. A lawyer might help in filing a personal injury lawsuit in such a case.


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